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Solar Light Pole: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

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2022-02-20 22:09:05

Solar Light Pole: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

There are several solar light pole manufacturers in today’s market. Each of them uses different technologies and materials. This comprehensive buying guide walks you through everything you need to consider when buying a pole for your solar-powered street light.

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Things to consider when buying a solar light pole

As a buyer, you are likely to face difficulties deciding on the best solar pole to purchase. This buying guide aims to assist you in selecting the most suitable solar light pole. Here are some things that you should consider when choosing an ideal solar light pole.


All Solar street light manufacturers strive to produce the best solar pole using the available materials and resources. However, some manufacturers fail to meet pole requirements while designing the product. Generally, a solar-powered street light pole should be manufactured using high-quality low-carbon steel with low steel content. Failure to meet set requirements could be futile in the long run.

As a leading solar street light manufacturer, Cmoonlight strives for quality in its entire product portfolio. Our solar light poles are manufactured using Q235 steel with a silicon content that does not exceed 0.04%. Its low carbon content makes the pole more ductile and tough. Combining these materials in production ensures that the pole can withstand the toughest conditions possible.

Production process

As the producer of a cutting-edge all-in-one solar street light,we pride ourselves in a seamless, hi-tech production process. Advancements in solar light pole productions minimize product straightness errors and the accuracy of integrating concentrates. The reduction of straightness errors of a solar pole produces the best product.  

The production requirements of light posts are perplexing, difficult to meet, and expensive. Only the best manufacturers can meet the required conditions and produce affordable solar light polesThe solar street light price is dependent on the processes and procedures followed in its manufacture. Cmoonlight is a technically advanced solar manufacturing company that follows required procedures and provides value for your money. 

As the best Solar street light manufacturerwe use a huge and technically advanced straightening machine that ensures a straightness error below 0.05%. The lateral translation error needs to be minimized to enhance the visibility of the solar light and promote the integrity of the pole.

Photo1: Prodcution Process

Photo 2: Production Workshop

Dimension of the pole

When buying a solar light pole, its dimensions significantly matter. Factors such as height, weight, and width dictate the pole type to be purchased. Solar light lights up street roads, homes, crowded places, and markets. The height of the solar pole to be purchased needs to consider the aspect of the desired locality.

The width of the solar street light post depends on the pole’s height. The longer solar poles will require a wider base to support them, while shorter poles will resonate with narrow bases. The width of the solar light pole tends to shrink from the base to the top since the support requires reduced progressively.

The weight of the post is determined by the width and height of the solar pole. Longer and broader posts are heavier as compared to shorter and narrower poles. Weight is majorly a concern in the transportation of the lamp poles to their destinations.

Cmoonlight offers the best lamp post with wide-ranging dimensions if you want to buy solar street light. Our solar light posts are produced in various heights, upper and bottom diameters with varying thicknesses. Our company’s solar light pole includes a folding anchor cage and a suitable flange plate size that matches your solar needs.

Solar light pole quality

Every buyer wants to earn value for their hard-end money based on their purchases. High-quality standards solar light poles need to be reliable, durable and meet performance expectations. This way, solar-powered street lights must be manufactured based on the GB/T13912-92 national standards.

The integrated solar street light manufacturing follows a vigorous process that requires the lamp lines to be smooth. The solar light pole must be treated with post-anti-corrosion procedures that embrace internal and external hot-dip galvanizing. The steel has to be acid washed and passivized while the fabricated iron and steel coatings are hot-dips galvanized.

Failure to meet the mentioned conditions in the processing of the solar light pole is detrimental to its longevity. These conditions must be followed strictly without ignoring the GB/T13912-92 and GB2694-88 national standards. As a buyer, you must check the quality of the solar street light company products before purchasing.

If you intend to buy solar street lightlook no further Cmoonlight is the company you need. We have certification from IP67, IK10, SC, GS, COC, and CB IECEE Saber for Saudi Arabia. Cmoonlight also meets GB/T13912-92 and GB2694-88 national standards. All our products are tested and guaranteed to meet the ISO9001:2005 quality management system before export. We can attest that our solar light pole anti-corrosion life exceeds 30 years.

Ability to withstand extreme weather conditions

Commercial solar lighting pole needs to have the capacity to resist severe weather conditions. Tough weather, such as strong winds, storms, hail, and hurricanes, are imminent risks that can happen at all times. It is prudent to purchase a solar light pole with the tensile strength to resist up to 145 mph winds. However, a hurricane potential zone necessitates resistance of 180 mph winds. Rust is another environmental challenge that is curbed by galvanizing the steel coats. As a buyer, you need to access the destined locality of the solar light pole to choose the most suitable product.

Cmoonlight offers a wide variant of solar posts that can endure extreme weather. All our solar light poles can withstand winds of more than 145 mph. We also have special solar street light poles for hurricane-prone regions. These are specifically designed poles that can withstand wind speeds exceeding the 180 mph mark. We take pride in our products, and success is evident.

Cmoonlight has undertaken solar street light projects in the Philippines’ typhoon-prone regions with much-accredited success. Over four years since installation, the project is 100% functional with no reported typhoon-related damage. Cmoonlight offers the best extreme weather-resistant solar light poles in the market at an affordable price.

Final Thoughts

Cmoonlight is a leading solar light pole manufacturer. We are dedicated to producing affordable, reliable, and durable products that meet all your needs. Feel free to visit our product page to check our quality and affordable products and contact us for inquiries



Are the solar light poles one-fits-all?

Cmoonlight solar light poles come in all dimensions ranging from 40mm~150mm in diameter for the Palm solar street light. Finding one–fits–all solar poles is tedious since different solar street light manufacturers produce varied post dimensions.
It can easily integrate Cmoonlight solar post with solar street light bought locally. However, the pole need not have arms silver paint, and the top diameter should be 70 mm for easier assembly.

How tall should a solar light pole be?

The optimum height of a solar light pole should be between 4 meters and 12 meters, depending on your specific needs. The pole’s height should provide a sufficient amount of light to avoid excessive glare and minimum illumination of light. In essence, the luminaire’s power determines the optimum height of the pole. A low-powered luminaire assumes a height of 4 to 7 meters, while the highly powered luminaire necessitates taller heights between 7 to 12 meters. Taller solar light poles provide illumination for wider regions with varying light intensities.

How do I install a solar light pole?

Installing a solar light pole is simple and does not require special techniques, machines, or expertise. However, solar street lights are most installed in crowded areas such as markets, highways, streets, or downtowns localities. Safety consideration has to be addressed as the initial steps. The work perimeter should be enclosed by barrier tape while the workers put on protective gear.
Simple tools such as Wrench, Screwdrivers, and hoisting mechanisms are needed to install solar light poles. The poles are hoisted at an angle of 90° and mounted on a prepared surface.

Does your solar street light come with a solar light pole?

Yes. Cmoonlight manufactures and supplies both solar street lights and solar light poles. We have high-quality solar products that come in various designs and standards. However, if you have purchased solar street lights from a local supplier, we can customize solar poles that suit your needs.

If you want a customized solar light pole, you need to give us information on the installation location. The locality of the solar street light matters because different places have varied sun hours and intensity. Some regions are also prone to extreme weather conditions that require specific solar poles that can withstand it.

When do I need to buy a solar light pole?

There are two major reasons to purchase a solar light pole. If you install solar street lights for the first time, you will require solar posts to support solar structures. Secondly, solar light poles are required if the already installed poles are outdated, damaged, or incapacitated. A buyer is required to purchase poles that suit their solar needs. These include quality, durability, pole dimensions such as height, and ability to withstand challenging weather conditions.

Do your solar light poles have quality certifications?

Yes. All Cmoonlight products meet national manufacturing standards. We have earned various international quality certifications, such as CB quality certification in Saudi Arabia. ISO 9001, RoHS, IES, and TUVIP66 are among the special certifications we have netted.

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Cmoonlight is a world-renowned solar street light, led street light, solar garden light, and smart light pole with 15 years of experience. Conducted in-depth research on mains power complementation and smart interconnection technology.

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